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Home Heating Oil Companies Share Credit Data

Have you ever had a home heating oil companies deny you credit? You may not have even known it, they may have said you can buy oil on a "will call" basis with C.O.D. payment only -- while they offer other customers automated delivery and special pricing and billing options.

If you've been late paying for oil, or are currently past-due on your account -- or worse and left an unpaid bill at another address, (even with another heating oil company), chances are you've made it onto one or more lists maintained by companies which resell the info to oil dealers.

One such company, OilWell™Risk Assessment Data, LLC, collects and provides data about New England area residential and commercial heating oil customers, (homeowners and businesses), that are overdue on payments, or who have past-due bills which have been written off as uncollectible.

Member Oil Dealers at OilWell™ upload all of their aged billing account info, and can then look up customers from all other member / dealer records by name, address, phone number, Tax ID or Social Security Number, and see dates and amounts owed and if applicable, date amounts were written off.

Anytime a dealer looks up a record which contains a past due amount, an email alert is sent to the dealer who is owed money. This can provide a dealer with information that the delinquent customer is applying for credit with another heating oil company, and alert them to the customer's current address or provide the creditor with additional updated information.

While the reporting is fully legal in most cases, and dealers who are legitimately owed money should have a means reporting and being alerted about customers who do owe them - consumers should also be sure that no erroneous or incorrect information appears in the database.

Consumers have the Federal and State mandated rights to request and receive free of charge, one written copy per year of any information held by OilWell™ or any other credit reporting agency.

You find consumer info and download request forms on the Oilwell&trade Risk Assessment Data, LLC website at:


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